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Högre Seminarium våren 2024

Välkommen att delta på något av våra högre seminarium i vår. De hålls i huvudsak på engelska och på plats på KTH på Teknikringen 74 D, plan 5.

29 January 13.15-14.45
Book manuscript: Who are the Humanoids? A history about the deep ocean through Time, Space and Scale'
Tirza Meyer

5 February 13.15-14.45
Between overlooking and municipal take-over: Exploring local governance of grassroots initiatives.
Karin Bradley & Martin Emanuel, KTH URS

19 February 13.15-15.00
Mid-seminar: Computing Trees
Erik Ljungberg
Opponent: Francis Lee, Chalmers

26 February 13.15-14.45
Inventing 'scientific creativity'. How the concept of creativity reshaped conceptions of natural science, 1950–2001
Annelie Drakman, Stockholm University

11 March 13.15-14.45
Invisible Presence in Visible Absence: aestheticized representations of radioactivity and cultural expectations on nuclear power
Fannie Frederikke Baden, Lunds University

18 March 13.15-15.00
Mid-seminar: Swedish friluftsliv in an intersectional perspective: gender, class and ethnicity in the histories of recreational planning in Sweden, 1890-1980
Liuba Timonina
 Emma Pihl Skoog, Södertörn University

22 March 14.00
Dissertation: The Nuclear Waters of the Soviet Union. Hydro-engineering and Technocratic Culture in the Nuclear Industry
Achim Klüppelberg
Opponent: Melanie Arndt, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität

25 March 13.15-14.45
Ragnar Holm-föreläsning: "Längdskidåkningens teknikhistoria - Nostalgi och framstegstanke, 1880-1950"
Isak Lidström, Ragnar Holm post doc

8 April 13.15-14:45
Philosophy of biology in the early twentieth century: Cases from plant biology
Özlem Yilmaz Silverman, University of Exeter

15 April 13.15-14.45
Charting Vision: Sea Charts as Computational Graphics
Bernard Geoghegan, Gothenburg University

22 April 13.15-14.45
Book manuscript: Ecopoetic Breathing in South American and Iberian Atmospheres
Nuno da Silva

3 May 13.00
Dissertation: Streams, Steams, and Steels: A Transnational History of Risk Regulation in Nuclear Power Plants
Siegfried Evens
Opponent: Scott Knowles

6 May 13.15-14.45
Title TBC
Scott Knowles, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)

27 May 13.15-14.45
"Linnaeus in Lapland: Generating Knowledge in Transit"
Staffan Müller-Wille & Elena Isayev, Cambridge/Exeter

5 June Time TBC
Dissertation: Ideas and politics of development in northern Canada since 1945
Jean-Sebastien Boutet
Opponent: Liza Piper

10 June 13.15-14.45
A Slow Form of Governance? Collegial Organization and Temporal Synchronization in the Context of Swedish University Reforms
Hampus Östh Gustafsson, Uppsala University

11 June Time TBC
Dissertation: The Nuclear Rhine
Alicia Gutting
Opponent: TBC

14 June 13.00-15.00
Final seminar
Domingos Langa
Opponent: Birgitte Bregersen, Aalborg University Business School, Denmark