Graduated: Doctor Georgios Varisteas

Georgios Varisteas was after his Master's studies at KTH enrolled as a doctoral student. Now he has defended his PhD thesis "Effective cooperative scheduling of task-parallel applications on multiprogrammed parallel architectures".

New Docent: Paolo Monti

Paolo Monti has worked as a researcher at KTH since 2008. He completed his undergraduate studies in Italy but came to KTH via USA where he spent almost eight years as a researcher both in academia and industry. This fall he became a docent at KTH in Optical Networking.

Congratulations on your graduation Doctor Ning Ma

Ning Ma came to KTH from China in 2007 as a researcher. Three years later he started his doctoral studies and now he has defended his PhD thesis 'Ultra-low-power Design and Implementation of Application-specific Instruction-set Processors for Ubiquitous Sensing and Computing'.


Doctor Sha Tao

Sha Tao from Beijing, China came to KTH for master studies in System-On-Chip design and graduated in 2009. Thereafter she was enrolled as a doctoral student and now she has defended her PhD thesis "Power-Efficient Continuous-Time Incremental Sigma-Delta Analog-to-Digital Converters".

Doctor Dan Wu

Dan Wu was working as a web application developer in Stockholm but wanted to work with research. She got a position as PhD student in Information and Communication Technology at KTH and started her research in ontology integration. Now she has defended her PhD thesis "Context Knowledge Base for Ontology Integration".

Doctor Mozhgan Mahloo

Mozhgan Mahloo from Iran came to Sweden for master studies, she continued with doctoral studies at KTH and now she has defended her PhD thesis "Transport Solutions for Future Broadband Access Networks". In this interview she is telling us more about her topic and the results.

Doctor Hosein Attarzadeh

Seyed Hosein Attarzadeh Niaki came to KTH in 2006 for master studies. After performing his Master thesis in Switzerland and a short period of research in Singapore he came back to KTH Kista for doctoral studies. Now he has defended his PhD thesis "Managing the Complexity in Embedded and Cyber-Physical System Design".

Doctor Mohamed Hamid

Mohamed Hamid from Sudan came to Sweden for master studies in 2007. Three years later he got a PhD position at KTH School of Information and Communication Technology and now he has defended his PhD thesis "On Spectrum Sensing for Secondary Operation in Licensed Spectrum".

Doctor Maziar Naiini

Maziar Naiini from Iran has recently finished his doctoral studies in Silicon Photonics where he has presented new solutions for cost effective photonics systems. Last week he defended his PhD thesis "Horizontal Slot Waveguides for Silicon Photonics Back-End Integration".

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