Congratulations on your graduation

Li Xie came to KTH in 2009 for doctoral studies after receiving a master's degree at Beijing Institute of Technology. Last week she defended her PhD thesis "Heterogeneous Integration of Silicon and Printed Electronics for Intelligent Sensing Devices" and now she feels more than ready to contribute to the industry.

Congratulations on your graduation

Botao Shao came to KTH from Fudan Univeristy in China. He has spent his doctoral years on studying fully printed chipless RFID tags towards item-level tracking applications. Last week he defended his PhD thesis and will now use his knowledges on his new position at ABB.

SCALE – A KTH-SICS collaboration

SCALE is a collaboration between KTH and SICS on Scalable Computing Systems, with research groups on distributed systems, multicore computing, and constraint programming.


PhD Natalja Nikitina

Natalja Nikitina came to School of Information and Communication Technology in 2006 for master studies. After her degree she worked for a few swedish software development companies but decided to go back to KTH for doctoral studies in Software Process Improvement.

PhD Katharina Rasch

Katharina Rasch came from Germany to Sweden and KTH in 2009 for PhD studies in smart home technology. Her aim is to build smarter homes that can assist people in their everyday lives. Now she has defended her PhD thesis where she proposes a recommender system for smart homes that continuously identifies how it can assist inhabitants with their activities, and actions the home can perform for the user.

PhD Yiting Chen

Yiting Chen from China has during his doctoral studies done research about fabrication and characterization of plasmonic Nanophotonics absorbers and waveguides. Now he has defended his PhD thesis and tells us about his work and future plans.

PhD Amir Payberah

Amir Payberah came to School of Information and Communication Technology in 2006 for master studies. He continued with PhD studies in large scale distributed systems and now he has defended his PhD thesis with the topic "Live Streaming in P2P and Hybrid P2P-Cloud Environments for the Open Internet".

PhD Raul Jimenez

Raul Jimenez from Spain came to KTH as an Erasmus student to take some courses and write his master thesis. Back then he didn't plan to start a PhD. But when he had finished his master thesis on peer-to-peer a related research project needed a PhD student and he applied for the position. Now he has defended his PhD thesis "Distributed Peer Discovery in Large-Scale P2P Streaming Systems".

PhD Jawwad Ahmed

Jawwad Ahmed from Pakistan came to KTH in 2008 for PhD studies in Optical Networking. Now he has defended his thesis with the topic "Dynamic Resource Provisioning and Survivability Strategies in Optical Networks" and will in the near future continue his research in Sweden.