Functional Materials

Division of Functional Materials (FNM) at KTH has ever-increasing expertise in preparation of a large variety of nanoparticulate systems ranging from particles with single component to complex structured particles, including inorganic particles with extraordinary physical and chemical properties which are of great scientific and technical interest, as well as polymeric and composite particles with tunable porosity and surface functionality suitable for biomedical applications.

The core-competence of the Division is in the ability of design and fabrication of nanostructured materials tailored for specific applications using combinatorial chemical strategies. Main activity areas include nano-engineering materials for:

  1. Energy applications (SOFCs; Thermoelectric materials; heat transfer surfaces; heat  transfer fluids; QDs; Plasma facing materials; etc.)
  2. Biomedical Applications (MR contrasting agents; drug delivery and release; etc.)
  3. Environmental applications (decontamination of water and soil)

Besides successfully demonstrated fabrication skills FNM hosts the state-of-the-art characterization equipment for nanotechnology research. For the list of the equipment and short introduction please refer to Nanocharacterization Lab link. FNM coordinates and collaborates in various nanotechnology projects with a wide network of institutes and research groups within Sweden as well as in the EU, USA and China.

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