Software and Computer systems

The main focus of the department is the fundamental principles of engineering and analysis of software and computer systems and services. Our research is structured into three main areas: Distributed systems, Software engineering, and Computer Systems Technology (architecture), which are interconnected.

The aim of the department is to continue strong research in fundamental aspects of software and computer systems with a focus on cloud computing, service computing, social networks, Internet of Things applications, big data analytics, and applied AI.

The department collaborates with the research institute SICS on Scalable Computing Systems under the name SCALE.

We have three informal research subunits:

Computer Architecture   Distributed Systems   Software Development

Graduates 2013-2014 Graduates 2012-2013
Ananya Muddukrishna (lic)  
Roberto Roverso Cosmin Arad
Raul Jimenez Nima Dokoohaki
John Ardelius Imran Mahmood
Shahab Mokarizadeh Ahmad Al-Shistawy
Katharina Rasch Ahmad Salman Khan
Amir Payberah Khurram Muhammad Shahzad
Tallat Shaffat Dan Wu (lic)
Artur Podobas (lic)