Final results, new Swedish record

Shell Eco Marathon 2013 is over, and although the highest placement achieved was Elba’s ranking as the 5th in its category, we can proudly state that it has made a new efficiency record in Sweden.

Elba isn’t only Sweden’s most energy-efficient car in the Urban Concept class; it has also surpassed all previous achievements by Swedish universities in the Prototype class, where the constraints are more liberal.


Elba (Urban Concept, Electric) : 175.14 km/kWh (5th place, 30 competitors)
Sleipner (Prototype, Hydrogen) : 168.93 km/kWh (8th place, 27 competitors)

(On the main page of Shell Eco Marathon, some categories have their performances presented in km/liter. Note that this is a different unit; one liter of fuel contains more energy than 1 kWh)

Elba, with other competitors in the background.

Talking with the driver while waiting for the results of a race.

Final attempt for Urban Concept. Cars with solar panels had great benefits from the sunny weather. Unfortunately, Elba didn’t have any during this year’s competition.

Each lap there is a mandatory stop for the Urban Concept drivers.

Group photo, both KTH teams.

Photos by Alexandar Vujadinovic. There are many more available from the entire project, contact for more information.


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