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Spring is on the way

ITM Newsletter

We are now underway with the ITM School’s newsletter. The first newsletter was sent out on 14 March. The idea is that a newsletter will be sent out to all employees every fortnight. The newsletter will contain both internal ITM news, as well as KTH news.  The intention is that we will have better internal communication here at ITM and better knowledge of what is going on at the school. Hopefully, this will reduce the volume of internal mass email. To a certain extent, the central KTH news will replace news that was previously published in Campi.

For future newsletters, the Communications Department would like to receive input from the faculties no later than Monday of the same week in which the newsletter will be sent out (i.e. Mondays on odd numbered weeks).

We hope that you will like the newsletter and your feedback is most welcome regarding ideas and suggestions for improvement.  Please email any suggestions and news to

Quality assurance

At the moment, KTH is fully focused on quality assurance. At an overall level, the KTH quality assurance of education across all levels, research and the supply of academic skills involves ongoing follow-up every year and a regular review every sixth year. The ongoing follow-up for research will be conducted through reports, analyses and reflections produced at both institution level and school level. The focus will be on monitoring output in the form of publication (scientific impact), external funds and more qualitative self-evaluation of the research environments with respect to quality culture. The selected focus on publishing, research funding, research environments and quality culture is motivated by the fact that these aspects are considered of particular relevance for indicating, ensuring and contributing to high-quality development in the research that is conducted at KTH.

The ongoing monitoring of the supply of academic skills will be conducted through reports including analysis and reflection produced at both institution level and school level every year. The focus will be on the monitoring of current personal data and reflection on in progress and expected development going forward.

Regular review of education at KTH

The regular review of education at all levels, including collaboration, will be implemented in a six-yearly cycle and led by the School management and Directors of Education at each school in accordance with the Faculty Review Guidelines issued by the President.

The regular review will ensure that the education programmes at KTH are high quality and that development is driven systematically and strategically so as to meet the educational requirements and targets for each programme. The combination of internal, ongoing monitoring each year and the regular review of the school every sixth year, will produce good conditions enabling firstly, the identification of what needs to be developed and secondly, to introduce measures where best needed for the education programmes to retain high quality along the journey from admission to graduation.

Spring is on the way!

Visual interpretation: Sketch of the seasons in terms of sun position.

Sommarsolstånd juni = Summer solstice June
Vårdagsjämning mars = Vernal equinox March
Närmast solen januari = Closest to the sun January
Längst bort från solen juli = Furthest from the sun July
Höstdagjämning september = Autumnal equinox September
Vintersolstånd december = Winter solstice December