How will KTH look like in August?

Dear colleagues, We are entering the last weeks before the vacation period. By now, I believe most of you have already planned your vacation together with your closest manager and if not please make sure to do so. Currently, we are in the exam period of this semester. Despite that alternative examinations have been introduced … Continue reading “How will KTH look like in August?”

No monkey business or fake news!

Dear colleagues, We have entered the month of May, which is supposed to be an official spring month. However, the weather forecast is still prediction cold weather this coming weekend so it is hard to say. At the same time, most of you work from home under these new circumstances where you are responsible for … Continue reading “No monkey business or fake news!”

Longing for a better future

Times is passing very quickly and we are soon leaving the month of April. This is a month were we know the weather is changing from summer weather to winter weather. Typically, we wear shorts and T-shirts one day and the next day we rapidly need to change clothes and remove ice from the car … Continue reading “Longing for a better future”

Make your voice heard!

ITM School’s Faculty Assembly Dear colleagues, This time I wish to bring up the subject of making your voice heard in a democratic society. This message is especially directed to all teachers that have the possibility to vote for members to the new ITM School’s Faculty Assembly (Skolkollegium), which the KTH President has decided to … Continue reading “Make your voice heard!”

Practice make perfect!

Dear colleagues, I hope that all of you have enjoyed a relaxing Easter holiday with the closest family and closest friends. People like me, interested in gardening, did not think that the weather was good enough to spend a whole lot of time in the garden. But we know that warmer days will come! No … Continue reading “Practice make perfect!”