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The pandemic may delay doctoral studies

In English further down. Forskarstudier kan försenas på grund av pandemin Kära kollega, Jag hoppas först och främst att du mår väl och att den pågående pandemin inte orsakar alltför stora svårigheter i ditt vardagliga arbete. Jag har själv haft förmånen att ha ”vanliga” föreläsningar i sal i en av de kurser jag håller i … Continue reading “The pandemic may delay doctoral studies”

Research studies under unusual circumstances

It’s now been over two months since we all started working mostly from home. Everything is very different now, and I myself would have organized a conference last week. To still “meet” some of those who would have been here from all over the world, we had a Swedish fika via Zoom Friday afternoon. Everyone … Continue reading “Research studies under unusual circumstances”

An ITM sustainability course for PhD students

There is for obvious reasons a lot of focus on sustainability. Within the Postgraduate education committee (Forskarutbildningsutskottet), consisting of the professors responsible for our six doctoral programmes and myself, an idea has emerged: to develop a course in sustainability for doctoral students. The intention is to do the course as collaborative effort between all our … Continue reading “An ITM sustainability course for PhD students”

ITM PhD Student Conference

Last Wednesday and Thursday (on April 10-11) we had the annual ITM PhD student conference at Skogshem and Wijk on Lindingö. The theme this year was equality (JML) and sustainability. Alice Marshall gave an introduction to “one KTH” followed by several group exercises/discussions. In one of them we were all supposed to stand in different … Continue reading “ITM PhD Student Conference”

ITM PhD student conference

A Wednesday and Thursday in April we had the annual ITM PhD student conference at Skogshem and Wijk on Lindingö. The theme this year was Research skills from different perspectives. Linda Söderlindh gave a very inspiring combined lecture/workshop on Presentation skills (see picture). Greta Quesada Richardson & Margareta Fathli informed us about Open Access publishing. In the … Continue reading “ITM PhD student conference”