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Have you already logged out?

Man sun bathing.

Dear colleagues,
I just wanted to send a short message to thank all of you for your efforts during the first half of this year!

Many of you have already attended the graduation ceremonies at your children’s schools. I am sure that you have sang the traditional song “Den blomstertid nu kommer..” and left the school with your children thinking “finally the best part of the year has begun”. Some of my colleagues has told me that the “ITM personel has already logged out from KTH in their minds”. Thus, my message will be short:

Enjoy you summer vacation with friends and family! Take the chance to do those things you love to do but never had time to do during this first half year.

Myself I will make a trip to the US to visit family and friends. Besides this we have spotted some really interesting Frisbee golf courses in both the mountains and deserts that we will will try.

I am looking forward to meet you again after the summer. Do not forget to come to the ITM summer party on August 21 at Brazilia. Here, we can share our vacation memories.

/Pär Jönsson, Head of the ITM School

Photo: Unsplash

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