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Teachers, time to collaborate

In English further down Lärare, dags att samverka Nu är höstterminen igång och vi har klarat av första periodens inledande vecka. Vad gäller grundutbildningen sker det både mycket på grund av den pågående pandemin (se men det sker också mycket spännande och intressant strategisk utveckling, både för skolans utbildningar och program. En helt ny … Continue reading “Teachers, time to collaborate”

New and important educational issues

Now the first period of this academic year has passed and I hope you all consider the courses and examinations within your responsibility as successful. When it comes to educational issues – both at an ITM School level as well as a KTH level – several important things are going on: A new decision (v-2019-0109) … Continue reading “New and important educational issues”

Sign up for a course in Teaching and Learning

It’s a joy that the autumn term of 2019 has started, that our P1 courses is up and running and the welcome reception of newly admitted students have enriched our views on campus. There are several new and important educational issues affecting the coming semester that is worth emphasizing. For instance, there are several courses … Continue reading “Sign up for a course in Teaching and Learning”

Time to wrap up P4

A very intense period is about to be completed, and besides finishing the two courses I have been responsible for during P4, I also attended the yearly dialogue meeting focused on educational quality. Among the attendants were the Vice Present for education Leif Kari and the Dean of Faculty Katja Grillner, and the meeting gave … Continue reading “Time to wrap up P4”

Intense focus and upcoming events

I guess that most of us have an intense focus on two major educational issues right now; concluding period three and designing all the exams that have been ongoing this week and also updating course plans for the next academic year. These updates are significant since from HT19 all courses that are included in special … Continue reading “Intense focus and upcoming events”