Welcome back to a new decade!

Dear colleagues, I hope that all of you had a relaxing and fun time with family and friends during the holidays! All leaders at ITM will gather at the conference center Såstaholm during January 16 to 17 for our annual leadership conference. This year the first day will focus on gender aspects under the lead … Continue reading “Welcome back to a new decade!”

Salaries, leadership and working environment

Dear colleagues, The fall semester has gone fast and we are already at the end of November, soon reaching the New Year! During the fall, the ITM management has worked on many issues as you probably have seen in different blogs and newsletters. As all of you know, we have worked with salary negotiations during … Continue reading “Salaries, leadership and working environment”

New leadership at ITM and welcome back

Dear colleagues, I wish to welcome you back from your vacations. I hope that all of you now have returned with an extra boost of energy so that you are ready to continue your work tasks in a successful manner! As you all know by now, the President has initiated a process to select a … Continue reading “New leadership at ITM and welcome back”

Testing new ways of examining knowledge in the master program

A new examination idea Many teachers at the ITM School often think of new ideas on how to examine the required knowledge in a course, and I am one of them. I wish to share some recent experiences. Together with my colleague Assistant Professor Björn Glaser we teach in the course Advanced Process Science. The … Continue reading “Testing new ways of examining knowledge in the master program”