Activities on Ice and Snow


Before stepping into our main topic, winter activities in Stockholm, I will first talk about the climate and weather in Stockholm, because these activities are not possible without them!

As a matter of fact, winter in Stockholm lasts from November to March.

From middle December to February, then average temperature will drop below zero degree celsius, which is the watershed between ice and water. From now on, it comes the skating seasons!

A frozen lake near Stockholm University, Feb 2017


There are many public ice skating rinks in the city, but the one in King’s Garden is always the most popular. Reasons are 1. It lies in the heart of Stockholm; 2. It offers ice skating shoes for rent at 70 Kr per night 3. Music disco and performance at weekend. Moreover, if you have your own skating shoes, it is totally free!

The rink at King’s Garden at a Saturday night

But if you feel that it is too crowded and noisy at weekend night (because that’s my feeling as well), the one in Vasaparken (at Odenplan) is a nice alternative: it is at least 3 times larger than that in King’s Garden. Once  I even saw a team playing ice hockey there! Remember always to bring your own shoes, it is also free!

The rink at Vasaparken

Vasaparken and King’s Park are without a doubt the most popular ice skating spots in the city; but there are of course many. This website gives you a comprehensive time slot for skating on artificially frozen ice:

Simply 1) choose “Allmänhetens skridskotid and 2) click “visa aktivitetlista ” to see their opening time!


Bored by skating on the man-made facilities? In Stockholm, the nature generously offers us a gift: hundreds of lakes scattered across the archipelago began to be frozen starting from December. Lake Järla is one of those: I have been there last month. It looked boundless, austere, and hostile in the picture I took:

Lake Järla, January 2017

But take a closer look! There are numerous activities going on the thick layer of ice: families bring their small kids, teenagers playing ice hockey, and even people riding their bikes……

On the coast of Lake Järla

This article was written in 2017; based on my observation this year there is not yet a non-artificial, aquatic surface in Stockholm that is frozen so firmly  to withstand the weight of a human.  So, do reserve your own judgement while reading this session..

(//Tianlin, who constantly reviewed her work, wrote on the 24th Jan 2018)

Activities on the Snow

In the year 2016, the first snow arrived on the first of November, and in the next few days exaggerated into the biggest snow storm in 150 years. Snow transforms the city in many ways: it paralyzes the traffic, cancels out appointments, but it also decorates roofs and makes itself a natural playground.

However, you may wonder apart from fighting a snow battle and making a snowman, what can we do with snow? Here is: SkiStar Hammarbybacken, a skiing resort INSIDE Stockholm!  It is located near Luma, only half an hour from city center by public transport.

Slopes at Hammerarbybacken

My advice is: as winter is coming to its end, seize the chance to try some of those activities! Otherwise, you will have to wait until this November!

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Finally, I would like to thank my friends Charlotte and Erik for allowing me to use their wonderful photos!