Shopping with Sustainability

You must know that Sweden is the hometown of the global consumer brands H & M and IKEA, but the fact that it is the best country for Greening Living and Sustainability is less well-acknowledged. Today, I will talk about the ways that you can shop with sustainability in Stockholm!

Flea market

Like other cities in Europe, in Stockholm you will find open-air Flea markets during the weekend. The reason I rank “Flea market” on the top of the list is: due to the weather, Flea market in Sweden is a seasonal phenomenon. Therefore, this week marks the opening of the world’s largest derive-in Flea market,Bakluckeloppis Solvalla“.

“bakluckan” and “loppis” together means ” a car-boot Flea market”: Yes, during Bakluckeloppis Solvalla, the sellers carry their goods in the car boots, park their car in the open air so that they can bargain with the potential customers. As for sellers it requires no booking (only 150 kroner of parking fee will be charged), the sellers are most of all private, for example families selling their personal belongings that are no longer is use. As a consequence, the price in Bakluckeloppis is rather reasonable!

Besides Bakluckeloppis Solvalla, there are of course other Flea markets in different corners of the city during spring and summer. Make sure you check the Flea markets’ calendar on this website: It is in Swedish, nonetheless comprehensible to English readers as well —- don’t be haunted 🙂

Second-hand shops

By contrast, second-hand shops open all year round, and you can certainly spot one nearby! Searching “Second hand Stockholm” on google yields a dozen of results.

I have been to two of them: Myrorna and Stockholms Stadsmission in Södermalm. Both of them are non-profit organizations, which means that you are also helping others via you shop 🙂 Based on my personal experience, Myrorna offers cheap clothes, shoes, cooking wares…..things that accommodates the daily use of the entire family; while Stockholms Stadtsmission leans more towards clothes, handbags, accessories: especially those high-quality brand products.

Interior of Stockholms Stadtmission in Södermalm (Photo by Benny Andersson)


In the beginning, the definition of “vintage” for me is “second-hand goods that are not necessarily cheaper than IKEA”. In terms of art and history, I am nothing more than a dummy. Take it or not, here is an idea that I can give you: if you are new in the city and want to look for vintage, start from Odenplan, which is perhaps the most vintage-concentrated district in Stockholm. A few months ago I had the pleasure to talk to one of the owners of these shops for half an hour. She explained me why she started her business in vintage clothing:” Touch it. It is so beautiful, isn’t? A good dress outlives its owner.” I was convinced, when I slid my fingers through the smooth,  silk collar made in 1950s.

Hope that this blogs will take you to a new shopping experience in Stockholm! Enjoy your shopping!

P.S. I have to emphasize that the purpose of this blog is by no means to encourage unnecessary consumption of resources on Earth. Even if you are buying second-hand, it is nice to think before you pay the bill. Thank you 😉