Hiking with the KI hiking group

Stockholm is very close to the nature and has multiple spots and natural reserves where one can go hiking. Today I will share my recent hiking experience with the KI hiking group.


KI Hiking FB page

KI hiking group is a group of enthusiastic people who organise hiking activities almost every other week. They generally take small groups of 12-15 people for various short one day hikes around the Stockholm’s natural reserves. The event is announced on Facebook and there is a sign up link for the hike.

I signed up for once such hiking event. We had planned to go to Bogesund’s nature reserve. It is a place very close to the archipelago of Vaxholm. We started at 10 in the morning, took the bus to reach the starting point of the hike (it was basically in the middle of nowhere). From there we started following the blue marked trail. One good thing about the natural reserves is that almost all of them have multiple trails tracks marked with different color. Each color represents a different path of different length.  The information about these trails can be found on the natural reserve’s website. Further, there are maps of the trails posted on after every few km’s.

Trail maps!

The blue path that we followed was a 10 km hike. A long stretch of the trail was around a frozen lake. It was very peaceful to walk there meeting new people and talking about similar interests.  The trails in this reserve are designed such that at the end of the trails one would have to cross a bridge and reach the island of Vaxholm from where transportation to go back to the city is available.

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After crossing almost three fourth of the trail we took a break for lunch. We sat randomly on the rocks next to the trail to eat our packed lunches.

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Lunch time!
After warming up our stomach, we started again. As the reserve leads to an island, there are water bodies everywhere. We stopped at once such place to take a group photo! 

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Finally we reached a point where a yellow trail crossed the blue trail, at this point half of us decided to go on the longer route of yellow trail and rest continued on the blue trail. While following the yellow trail we were lucky enough to spot some deer jumping and running from one side to other. It was amazing to see such animals in their natural environment enjoying themselves. Finally, we reached the bridge connecting the island of Vaxholm and from there we took a bus back to Stockholm.

I discovered two things in this hike. One – It is very easy to go on hikes even on your own as the trails are well marked and its easy to find ones way. Further, such getaways are a good way to have a break from the daily routine and get some good exercise as well. I hope to have more such hikes and explore other reserve soon!

A special thanks to the KI Hiking group for the pictures and for organizing this amazing hike. Keep up the good work!!