Applying for Residential Permit

The Visa for Sweden is called as he Swedish Residential Permit. If you are a non-EU (non-European Union) country, then you will probably need a residential permit.

Application for Residential Permit or RP is relatively easy. The application is made online using the Swedish Migration agency’s website. The Swedish Migration agency is called Migrationsverket. You can find the link to the website here. The website is in Swedish, however, you can view this in different languages, there is an option at the top of the page to change languages. I recommend using this option, sometimes google translate might not be accurate and can also cause trouble loading some options.

On the main webpage, there is an option to apply for a new application. From the drop-down list select the option of ‘Permission to study’. This new page has the detailed information of everything. It is best to spend some time and read all the information before starting the application.

I am writing a checklist that can be used as a reference before starting the application. The requirements for the document is very specific and needs to be followed strictly. A deviation from the required format can cause delay in the decision making process. For further details please check the website.

Checklist before starting the application:

  1. Scanned copy of Passport. It has to be scanned properly, including all the corners.
  2. Download the admit letter (Notification of selections) from the This is the proof of acceptance. Further, you can also upload the welcome letter from your home department. (It can take some time for the students of the joint masters programmes to get this).
  3. FAS+ insurance. This is provided to all the international fee paying students by KTH. This is to be uploaded as health insurance certificate.
  4. Bank statement of the sum required to for the application from a single holder bank account. The account must be in the name of the applicant only. (Statements from the joint holder’s account are not accepted).
  5. Receipt of the Tution fee payment.
Bank statement requirements for application

Once you have the documents ready, click on the start application. You have to select the option of ‘Private Individual’ and login option of using the ‘Username and Password’. Create a new account using an email ID. Make sure to have an email ID that’s accessible an in routine use. You will receive all the important information on this ID.

Once you have the account ready, login using the same and follow the instructions. The application period will be of 13 months. You will have to extend the permit after a year from Sweden.

Application login options (Use the one highlighted with the blue arrow)

The information that you have filled in your application is saved for a short period of time (generally 2-3 days). You will be able to see this information when you log out from your application. However, the information can still be found later, but it is best to submit in the given period just to avoid the need to fill everything again from start.

The whole process is very straight forward. The best way to get a quick decision is to submit all the documents in the required format and according to the given specifications. However, if there is any kind of problems, then you can contact the migration agency by email, they respond very quickly. Further, after submitting the application, if they find something missing or incomplete, then the migration agency gets back to you with the requirements of extra information and the details on how to submit them.

Next step is to book an appointment for biometrics. I will write about this soon.  So stay tuned!