Nobel Prize 2019

One of the most awaited events within various fields of science is the Nobel Prize ceremony which take place every year in the city of Stockholm. The Nobel Forum announces the Nobel Laureates every year in the fields of Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine, Economics and Literature. The Nobel Peace Prize is announced and awarded in Oslo, Norway.

The second week of December every year is the Nobel Week where the laureates give public lectures for their discoveries in their respective fields. These lectures are open for all and are live streamed and recorded for the international audience to witness the much waited event. The Physiology or Medicine laureates are selected by the Nobel Assembly at Karolinska Institute and the Nobel lectures are conducted in Aula Medica at KI.

Nobel lecture in Physiology or Medicine

The laureates in Physics, Chemistry and Economics are selected by Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. The Nobel lectures are conducted in the Aula Magna at Stockholm University. Literature and Peace prize laureates are selected by Swedish Academy and Norwegian Nobel Committee respectively.

Nobel lecture in Physics

The prize awarding ceremony is takes place on 10th December every year in the Stockholm Concert Hall. This ceremony is not open to public but is live streamed. The laureates are awarded a diploma, a medal and a statement of the prize amount by the King of Sweden. Following this the laureates proceed to the Blue Hall of the Stockholm City Hall for a formal dinner and celebration.