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KTH StoryTech: Fotspår

I heard about Fotspår through my friend, and I was immediately curious. I met with the founder, Rubén, a student in the autonomous systems master’s programme at KTH about his idea and how Fotspår could make a difference in the fashion industry.

Part of the Fotspår team

Can you tell me a little bit about yourself and what brought you to start Fotspår?

So I am Rubén, I’m studying autonomous systems here at KTH and I am from Barcelona, Spain. I was studying in industrial engineering in Barcelona, but I always wanted to start my own project, and I knew it had to have some social aspect to it. After going to Kenya and realizing that the fashion industry has some really bad flaws I thought it would be a good field to start my entrepreneurship, so I developed the idea, and Fotspår was kind of born from that.

What is the concept of Fotspår?

The concept is to be a middle-men between clothing companies and NGOs. We would create a limited edition garment with the fashion brand, and all profits of this garment would be given to one of our partner NGOs. This way, people would be able to be more conscious about their consumption choices, and they would feel like doing something positive while buying a garment.

What impact would this have?

We would be the voice of the new generation in terms of fashion innovation, because young people want companies to be socially responsible, thinking about their manufacturing processes, employee benefits and distribution/transportation emissions. We want to unite the new generation and force a shift in the fashion industry through our ideals. I believe that consumers can change the industry, so Fotspår would be a catalyst to this change, giving the tools to fashion brands to be more socially involved.

How has Fotspår developed?

I started officially working on this project last November, and now we are a team of 28 people from 17 different countries and we are working with KTH Innovation. We are all working for free, but we are all passionate about this project. People get involved at different levels of the organization, according to their interest, we even have people that are not physically at KTH, but are promoting the project in their respective cities through social media. We are also looking for more and more people to join the movement, in order to gain traction and get started with our first garment soon!

So that is the story of Fotspår, another great project by an ambitious KTH student. You can follow them on Instagram if you want to see their evolution, or even get involved!