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Winter runs are so much fun

It was a Christmas miracle… well not really. But Stockholm received its first snowfall on the day of Christmas. So it’s up to you to decide if it was a miracle or not. And since then Stockholm has been painted in white snow and the skyline painted with orange rays of the early falling sun. The temperature during the days reaching -9°C. Sitting like a potato at home with classes and thesis makes one desperate to seek adventure. And that’s when I took out my running shoes hidden in the rack since the end of autumn and gave winter-running a try. And it’s been a month and like any other Swede, I have been regular at it.

The lake that once reflected the city lights is now a frozen bridge

Running has been an excellent means to explore the city and the neighbourhood. As you pass through the lake that once was reflecting the city lights, now frozen enough that you can walk and stand in the middle of it, is a fascination exemplified. The brown road in the deep forests is now covered in white like a beautiful bride. The wind blowing bundle of snowflake powders from the treetops, illuminated by the sun rays is a show that is enough to bring a small smile on your face. And who doesn’t need a reason to smile!

The wind blowing bundle of snowflake powders from the treetops, illuminated by the sun rays is a show in itself

And of course, running is a sport that helps me to gather my thoughts while my body finds its rhythm and the eyes enjoy the beauty of the city. It pushes me towards being goal-oriented and the cold temperatures add to the challenge. One has to be cautious with the selection of the right running apparels and gears. Like the Swede’s say –

“Det finns inget dåligt väder, bara dåliga kläder”, which translates to “there is no bad weather, there are only bad clothes”

The happy bride – Stockholm

So put on your running snows and explore Stockholm like never before. In my next blog post, I would write about the running apparels that I use and are suitable for winter.

Vivek Anandbabu
Hej, I am from India currently pursuing Integrated Product Design at KTH. Moving to Stockholm has given me an opportunity to explore the new city like a local yet maintain the awe of a traveler. The vibrant KTH campus and its activities are itself a treat to a creative and aspiring mind. Join me on this journey of stories as we meet amazing people, exploring the innovation and sustainability pursuits happening throughout the KTH campus and the historical treasures of the city and the ways of employing jugaad to survive on a budget in one of the most expensive cities.

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