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A day in Skansen

Skansen is the world’s oldest open-air museum, situated on Djurgarden in Stockholm. The museum was first opened in 1891 and has been attracting visitors from all over the world. Skansen shows Sweden’s history, houses and farmsteads as well as animals living in Sweden. The open-air museum is 300,000 m² large, so you have a lot to discover here, and a day can easily pass by if you want to see everything.

The brown bears also got bear cubs when I was visiting, however, they were playing too much for a got picture 😄

The first time I was at Skansen was in December 2019, when the Christmas market took place. Skansen has a large “market square” where several stands are built up during wintertime offering food, drinks and handicrafts. It was very cold while I was visiting, and I was glad, that I could get a tea to warm up before wandering around further. As it was a weekend, there was also a little dance floor and a band was playing typical Swedish folk songs. Originally planned to entertain the kids, soon everyone joined the dancing to warm up and from young to old all people were singing and dancing together. Going on with my visit around the museum, I was able to go inside the rebuild houses and see what life looked like in Sweden some hundred years ago: there is a printing house, a grocery shop, a bakery and much more that you can explore. You’re also able to talk to the people working there, they can tell you lots about former working life 🏡

Winter feelings in Skansen

After this day in Skansen, my decision was made: I wanted to come back in summer. And I was really lucky because my friends planned a surprise birthday party for me, and we went all together to Skansen. In summer, the best thing about Skansen are the amounts of different flowers and of course the animals 🐻🦌. Every time it’s fascinating again, how many things you can explore, and I bet, each visit you’re able to explore something new. Skansen is definitely an attraction for young and old and everyone, no matter if history-lover or nature-enthusiast, will find something for them in the museum. Right at the entrance, you can also find an exhibition about “Snus” which is a form of tobacco frequently used in Norway and Sweden. You can learn all about its history and why it is still popular amongst some Swedes.

Summer feelings in Skansen

Did you know that you can find “Heidi Klum” (the German model) at Skansen as well? If you want to see her, you should check out the rose garden 😄 If you have seen it before, or any other curiosity that someone must have seen at Skansen, let me know in the comments! Unfortunately, Skansen is closed at the moment due to the Covid-19 situation, but let’s all hope it will be able to open up soon again!

The rose garden – but where to find “Heidi Klum”?

Have a great weekend!
// Maria

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