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Below is a list of examples of research from the division that has been commercialized.


foreseeti was founded in 2014 as a spin-off by three NSE professors. The company develops a software, securiCAD, which can be used for quantitative cyber security risk analysis using threat models on which attack simulations can be run. The simulations help decision-makers to better understand their IT-architecture and and its weaknesses. Foreseeti has 20 employees. Its tool suite is being used by organization world-wide, e.g. Klarna, Swedavia, and Scania. Foreseeti has been listed on NyTeknik’s 33-list (2016 & 2017), IVA top 100 list (2019), and was recently (Feb 2020) mentioned by Dagens Industri as one of the 10 hottest IT security companies in Sweden.

ELK logo


In 2016 the company ELK (formerly known as MIND Music Labs) was founded as a start up from KTH (incl. NSE) research. The company currently commercializes a real-time operative system that supports a low-latency wireless communication interface. ELK makes it possible to realize smart sound and musical objects connected to the Internet in real time. The company is headquartered in Stockholm and has currently 10 employees. It has received national and international awards, and substantial public funding (Vinnova and H2020). It is partnering with Ericsson to showcase the ability of 5G to connect remote musical instruments. In May 2019 the first ever concert over a 5G network was performed at the Barcelona Mobile World Congress.

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