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Studies within network and systems engineering

The Division of Network and Systems Engineering offers courses in the area communication networks and systems, including, computing systems, software systems, wired, wireless and sensor networks, network and system security, as well as courses on the theoretic foundations of network and system modelling and design.

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Programmes and courses

The Division of Network and Systems Engineering offer courses on the design and analysis of networks and systems for bachleor-, master- and Ph.D. students. The courses are closely related to our research and combine theoretic studies with experimentation. The Division of Network and Systems Engineering is involved in the 5-year Master of Science in Electrical Engineering and the Master Programmes in Information and Network Engineering and ICT Innovation.


The division is involved in more than 17 programmes at KTH, for instance:

Master Programme in Computer Science

Master Programme in Information and Network Engineering

Master Programme in Electrical Engineering (information in Swedish, 5 year)


Some of our courses for bachelor and master students include:

EP1200 Introduction to Computing Systems Engineering 6.0 credits

EP1100 Data Communications and Computer Networks 7.5 credits

EH1010 Project Course in Electrical Engineering 7.5 credits

EP2420 Network Analytics 7.5 credits

EP2200 Queuing Theory and Teletraffic Systems 7.5 credits

EP2120 Internetworking 7.5 credits

​​​​​​​EP2700 Principles of Wireless Sensor Networks 7.5 credits ​​​​​​​

EP2950 Wireless Networks 7.5 credits ​​​​​​​

EN2720 Ethical Hacking 7.5 credits ​​​​​​​

EP2790 Security Analysis of Large-Scale Computer Systems 7.5 credits ​​​​​​​

EH2720 Management of Projects 7.5 credits ​​​​​​​

EH2070 Project Management and Business Development 6.0 credits ​​​​​​​

EH2030 Business Development and Quality Management 7.5 credits ​​​​​​​

The division gives the following courses for Ph.D. students.

Courses within Network and Systems Engineering

Commissioned education

Online course in Ethical Hackning  (3 September - 10 December, 2021)

Contract education can only be obtained through your company or organisation with whom you are employed. It is your employer who will be charged for the course.​​​​​​​

Master’s theses

You can find our master theses proposals on KTH's Degree project portal ​​​​​​​.

Add "KTH NSE" in the search field to see our master theses proposals.

Master degree projects

If you are interested in performing your master thesis at the division, please get in contact with the following persons.

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