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The practical success of DMMS is linked to the major future challenges for Swedish industry – to create new technology for quality of life and combine it with social change and future societal demands both in Sweden and internationally. By being part of KTH, we strive to get the best from technology and research for social benefit.


The close collaboration between industry, institutes and academia, have made it possible to identify needs and initiate new research areas with academic and industrial relevance. The work has resulted in a build-up of knowledge in the field of production and manufacturing technology, and has made DMMS a recognized center that involves both researchers, teachers and students in the field.

The work at DMMS has provided both researchers and industry with new knowledge that can be used for efficiency and higher resource utilization of manufacturing systems – which in turn leads to increased competitiveness.

Knowledge dissemination

DMMS together with MCR, conducts several forums with the aim of coordinating dissemination of results and information monitoring in production and manufacturing technology. The aim is to bring together users and supplier companies in networks and together with academia and institutes create a critical mass in strategically important areas.

In addition to various forums, DMMS and MCR organize a joint annual membership day. The membership day has the same format as the forums and is open to participants from other organizations and companies.

Contacts for networking