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Forums & Production clusters

The centre's business model of acting as a bridge between industry, institutes and academia enables close collaboration between the members, which in turn leads to knowledge building in a number of strategically important areas.


DMMS works through different forums with partners from companies, colleges, universities and industrial research institutes to secure and coordinate resources for education and research in production and manufacturing technology.


Within the framework of the KT cluster operations, DMMS initiates the formation of a new forum called FAV – a forum for users of machine tools. The goal is for users from different perspectives of machine tools to be able to meet informally and exchange experiences on everything from screws and nuts to overall life cycle aspects.

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The International Grinding Institute helps the manufacturing industry to improve its grinding processes in order to improve productivity and product quality.

International Grinding Institute

Production clusters

Sweden's Production Cluster is a structure for coordination of research and development initiated by the Swedish automotive industry. Target group is all companies with manufacturing within Sweden.

Today, eight active clusters coordinate different areas of expertise in manufacturing. Four of these focus on manufacturing processes and the other four cover areas that support all processes. The goal is to develop economically and environmentally sustainable manufacturing systems that are capable of efficiently supplying the market with the innovative products of the future. Through the cluster's working methods and activities, we strengthen Sweden's continued success as a sustainable industrial nation.

This is what the clusters do:

  • Creates roadmaps based on industry challenges
  • Initiates R&D projects to build knowledge in identified areas
  • Performs knowledge transfer from the projects

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Last changed: Feb 01, 2021