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DMMS Board Meeting Highlights Student Experiences and Industry Collaborations

A highlight on achievements of students involved in different projects and initiatives

The development of the latest KTHFS car was supported by DMMS
The latest KTHFS car, the DeV17, was showcased at the DMMS board meeting
Published Jun 29, 2023

The Center for Design and Management of Manufacturing Systems recently held a board meeting to discuss various matters concerning the center's activities and operations. The meeting shed light on the significant role played by students and their valuable experiences within DMMS.

During the meeting, several presentations were delivered, highlighting the diverse contributions and achievements of students involved in different projects and initiatives.

Farzad Ghadam, a student studying Production Engineering and Management at KTH, shared his experience with the Industrial Process Engineering (IPE) course at KTH. The Director of DMMS, Andreas, encouraged students to participate in the Euspen Challenge 2023, a student competition focusing on the characterization of Selective Thermoplastic Electrophotographic Process (STEP) using a laser line profiler, where the KTH team won the first place.

Lawrence Jongi, representing the Talent Incubator at KTH, presented on the impact of the Talent Incubator program on students. He discussed the learning benefits, data acquisition for bearing health, sharing projects aligned with technology, and exchanging experiences and challenges in line with the latest technological advancements. The program also provides guidance on selecting the best courses for individual students.

The KTH team participated in The Euspen Challenge 2023 in Copenhagen, Denmark
The KTH team participated in The Euspen Challenge 2023 in Copenhagen, Denmark, where they won the first place

Viktoria Jansson, a fourth-year Mechanical Engineering student and a student assistant at DMMS, shared her journey and involvement in various projects. She expressed her interest in PMH, research experience, and the opportunity to work closely with the industry. Viktoria is currently engaged in two projects: Minimum Quantity Lubrication and organizing and participating in events such as last year's conference, Circular Production for Sustainable Societies and DMMS - KTHFS joint events. Her work has provided her with practical experience, planning skills, machining expertise, and a broader perspective.

Lastly, William Nord Nilsson, a project leader at KTH Formula Student, presented the latest developments in the team's research project. DMMS actively supports the development of the team's cars, providing access to education on machines, funding, and hosting the yearly car show. The latest car showcased at the meeting, the DeV17, featured impressive specifications, including a fully electric four-wheel drive, hub motors, a carbon fiber monocoque, and an in-house designed high-voltage battery.

Members of KTHFS presented the project and the car at the DMMS board meeting
Members of KTHFS presented the project and the car at the DMMS board meeting

The presentations highlighted the strong collaboration between DMMS and students, fostering a conducive environment for practical learning, research, and industry engagement. By encouraging students to participate in competitions, providing research opportunities, and supporting student-led projects like KTH Formula Student, DMMS exemplifies its commitment to nurturing talented individuals and preparing them for real-world challenges.

These experiences not only provide students with hands-on knowledge and skills but also foster a spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship. The DMMS board meeting showcased the importance of student involvement and the positive impact it has on both individuals and the overall academic community.