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KTH Students Showcase Innovation and Collaboration at Euspen Challenge 2023

The Euspen Challenge 2023 took from 12-16th of June at DTU, Copenhagen

The KTH team at the Euspen Challenge 2023 in Copenhagen, Denmark
The KTH team at the Euspen Challenge 2023 in Copenhagen, Denmark
Published Jun 29, 2023

The Euspen Challenge 2023 provided a platform to explore the latest advancements in precision engineering fields. The event encompassed a wide range of topics, including metrology, ultra-precision machining, robotics and automation, biomedical sciences, sustainable energy systems, and more.

The Centre for Design and Management of Manufacturing Systems (DMMS) at KTH, proudly participated in the challenge, sending a team of talented students to represent the institution. Among them was Farzad Ghadam, a Mechanical Engineering Bachelor's degree holder currently studying Production Engineering and Management at KTH. Farzad, who had previously participated in student challenges such as the ABB motion challenge, eagerly joined the Euspen challenge.

Farzad's involvement in the Industrial Process Engineering (IPE) course at KTH sparked his interest in the Euspen challenge. He found the course practical and enlightening, expanding his knowledge in ways he had not anticipated. Encouraged by Andreas, the director of DMMS, Farzad and his team members, Shoichi Ui (Optical Measurement and Processing) and Filippo Mioli (Mechanical Engineering), delved into the challenge's topic: Characterization of Selective Thermoplastic Electrophotographic Process (STEP) using a laser line profiler.

Reflecting on their experience, Farzad emphasized that the Euspen Challenge was intellectually stimulating and required extensive note-taking and critical thinking. "The team had to think innovatively and collaborate effectively, leveraging their diverse backgrounds and expertise. The challenge presented multiple solutions, challenging the participants to think outside the box", he said.

The KTH team at the Euspen Challenge 2023 in Copenhagen, Denmark
The KTH team at the Euspen Challenge 2023 in Copenhagen, Denmark

During the event, the team had the opportunity to meet and interact with the esteemed jury, engaging in friendly discussions during lunch breaks. This interaction not only added to their confidence but also allowed them to forge connections with professionals in their field.

Participating in the Euspen Challenge proved to be a valuable experience for the DMMS team. They not only presented their work but also had the chance to meet new people and engage in various activities, making the event a memorable and enriching experience.

DMMS at KTH takes pride in nurturing students like Farzad and supporting their participation in such prestigious competitions. The Euspen Challenge showcased the innovative and collaborative spirit of DMMS students, reinforcing the center's commitment to fostering excellence and pushing the boundaries of precision engineering.