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Integrated Circuits and Systems

There are two groups in the area of integrated circuits and systems: VLSI Design and Mixed-Signals ICs and Systems.

Mixed-Signal ICs and Systems

Advanced application-specific integrated circuits (ASIC) which integrate complete systems are the heart of innovation in many fields. Research focuses on analog/mixed signal ASICs covering a wide range of applications such as ultra-low power implantable/wearable biosensors, brain interfaces, and multi-source energy harvesters, as well as on emerging technologies. The world’s smallest bio-impedance spectrometer has been demonstrated. 

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VLSI Design

In addition, the department’s research and education has a strong background in VLSI Design and design automation. The department has a track record in the area of fundamental innovations in VLSI/SoC architecture like Network on Chip, Clocking and Power Management, testing, security and high-performance massively parallel architectures. Likewise, the department has strongly contributed to VLSI/SoC design automation in the area of High-level, System-Level Synthesis and Formal design methods.

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