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Research within electronics and embedded systems

The research activities of the Division of Electronics and Embedded Systems can be divided into tour areas: Device and Circuit Fabrication, Device and Circuit Fabrication, Embedded Systems and Emerging Technologies.

Research areas 

Device and Circuit Fabrication

Semiconductor devices are the keys to building any electronic circuit. Our research ranges from nanometer scaled silicon and germanium MOSFETs to high voltage silicon carbide (SiC) devices and photonic devices like lasers and UV-detectors.

Embedded Systems

Research of vital functions in areas like transport, communication or health care. Embedded computer systems are integrated into a physical or electrical environment and react continuously with this environment and have to satisfy different requirements, such as real-time, power, size or costs.

Emerging Technologies

Research in emerging devices in printed and flexible electronics, integrated photonics, quantum communication and spintronic devices and circuits. Neural network accelerators and neuromorphic brain-like computing are investigated as techniques useful for machine-learning.

Integrated Circuits and Systems

Research focuses on analog/mixed signal ASICs covering a wide range of applications. The department has a track record in the area of fundamental innovations in VLSI/SoC architecture like Network on Chip, Clocking and Power Management, testing, security and high-performance massively parallel architectures. 

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