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Research areas

The research areas at Divsion of Space and Plasma physics covers wide area from laboratory plasma out to plasma at distant regions of the solar system.

Near Earth space

Northern lights, shocks in plasma, magnetic reconnection, the coupling of the solar wind, magnetosphere and ionosphere are some of the processes we study in the near-Earth space.

Plasma material interactions

Plasma material interactions is an emerging interdisciplinary field that studies the complicated interactions between plasmas and condensed matter bodies.

Applied plasma physics

Applications ranging from high power plasma torches used for cutting and melting to production of structures on the nano-scale.

Non-ideal plasmas

Non-ideal plasmas are characterized by the emergence of strong correlations, prevalence of quantum effects and onset of dissipative processes.

Solar system plasma physics

Research on plasma environments of solar system bodies other than Earth as well as the Sun and the Solar wind.