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SK180N Introductory Modern Physics 9.0 cr

KTH has developed a net based course in physics for those who want to know more about quantum physics, astrophysics, nuclear physics and particle physics. The development of the modern physics and the build-up of the Universe and its development and direction is exciting.


Space has recently become a hot topic with space stations and space walks, where concepts such as vacuum, solar cells, radiation and energy are focused upon.

The course in Modern Physics is directed towards those who want to know about the latest in the field of astrophysics such as black holes, nuclear physics and nuclear power, fusion, fission etc.

The course is divided into three parts and you can read the course in a flexible way at the speed that suits you. The exams are executed completely over the Internet.

Application and user account

Students apply for the course through the national website for higher education

Read more about the requirements for the course in the official course information. You will find the link to the official course information to the right.

All our courses have a flexible study pace, that you can choose when you have received an RCN-account for the course. Formal admission and registration to the course, however, takes place on the course date you have signed up for. It is possible to start the course and do tests before the course date, but the results will not be registered until the course date. Please make sure that the account and notification are for the same course date.

In addition to notification you need to obtain an user account for the course.

If you already have an account at RCN/MATH.SE, you still need to fill in the user account of the course, and use the same log in information. If you have forgotten these, please contact the technical support.

To apply for admission, please fill out the application form below. It is required that you meet course eligibility requirements. Assuming you have been admitted and started the course you will receive a course registration. Course registration is required for your results to be reported.

Weeks Application code Application on Course account
36-44 HT_10062 application closed *
45-03 HT_10063 application closed *

*  You will be contacted by a personal email closer to the course start with info on how to create a course account.