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The research within Hero-m 2i is organized in two groups – Materials Design projects and Generic projects.

Ab Initio
Ab Initio model.

Materials Design project: Hard Materials

This project addresses the next generation of carbide-based systems for high-performance tools used in metal cutting, drilling and rock drilling. In this project the efforts are be directed towards design of hard metals without Co and W.

Generic Calphad

The aim of the project is to develop models and descriptions for the next generation of thermodynamic databases.

Generic ab-initio

The aim is to develop theoretical and computational methods of finite-temperature modelling of crystalline solids, starting from first principles and taking into account the free energy contributions due to vibrational, configurational, electronic, and magnetic degrees of freedom.

Generic Structure Modelling

The aim of is to further develop a range of models to predict microstructural evolution with emphasis on their applicability as "Creators" in materials design.

Generic Structure Characterization

The aim is to further build competence and to establish different methodologies using e.g. electron microscopy, atom probe tomography, synchrotron X-rays and neutrons for the characterization of bulk materials, in particular steels and cemented carbides.

Generic Property Modelling

The aim is to develop micromechanical models that allows for the evaluation of mechanical properties of single and multi-phase steels.

Materials Design project: High Strength Steels

By designing steels with significantly higher strength and toughness than available on the market today, constructions and vehicles can become lighter because less material will be needed.

Materials Design project: Advanced Stainless Steels

The goal is to avoid precipitation of harmful phases during production and manufacturing, while maintaining corrosion resistance and mechanical properties.

Materials Design project: AM / Powder Based Materials

Design of powders for high-performance steel components produced by AM.

Harriet 2.0

Hero-m has the ambition to provide an inclusive work climate where both women and men with different backgrounds from both academia and industry can contribute with their fullest potential. The efforts towards this goal started with the research and development project Harriet – Applied gender research at Hero-m that was funded by VINNOVA and finalized in June 2013.