Kårspexet - On The Border

Welcome to this year's Kårspex! A show put together by KTH students and alumni.

Time: Sun 2013-03-03 15.00

Location: Maximteatern, Karlaplan 4

 Price: 220kr/170 SEK, Student Discount (-50 SEK)
Tickets are purchased at www.karspexet.se or at the entrance before the show.

It’s the year 1943. War is raging all over Europe but at the small boarder post in Sweden called By it can hardly be noticed. Here the people tend to their potato crops, watche the trains pass by (if any at all) and everyone is training hard on their neutrality. The few privates placed at the post By are keeping their war spirits up by playing Risk. The only really exciting thing that happens at the small border post is when everyone is gathered in the small shop in order to listen to the melody crypto*.

One day the situation in By is completely overturned. Mayor Schiller, from Stockholm, arrives in order to inspect the post and at the same time an unexpected visitor arrives from across the border from Norway. Two exciting and welcome events except for the fact that the second lieutenant for the post has neglected to mention that most of the crew at the post consists of very innovative wooden puppets dressed with branches that he has built himself. Another fact that has not been mentioned in any reports is the visitor who just arrived from the other side of the boarder, in itself a grave offense. This combined situation soon has everyone, even the most adventurous inhabitant of By, in a state trying to avoid any confrontations. If only they could!

“På gränsen”, or in English ‘On the boarder’, is a tale of a small cut off post in the western parts of Sweden where the attempt to shut the rest of the world out works splendidly up till the day the World stands knocking on their door!

Kårspexet from KTH Royal Institute of Techonolgy in Stockholm was founded in 1867 and has ever since 1977 put up a yearly student theater production. A so called ‘spex’ is an interactive theater play with song and dance numbers that can be resembled to a musical with a good deal of improvisation. During a year a production of Kårspexet gives 15-20 performances. Kårspexet had around 80 members each year that work hard without pay in order to produce such an entertaining, funny and good production as possible.

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