Use data from KTH

This page contains links to public APIs, that gives you access to KTH common systems.

Your results and registrations

 a logged in student can access his results and registrations from Ladok. Login with CAS through the KTH login server is required.


 provides information about schemas for specific courses and course rounds, gathered from the KTH schema system TimeEdit.

Course- och program catalogue

Kopps API  provides information about the courses and programs at KTH.

KTH Social

My profile ( Patric Jansson ) for example :{username}

KTH web publishing system

Read a block as HTML, based on an internal system content ID:

Search for tags matching a search phrase:

Search for links in the title of an article:

KTH Places

The KTH system for facility-, region- and campus data is avaliable through a public API.

To fetch all the facilities in the database:

To fetch information for a specfic facility:[facility code - e.g. 509244e93b06a949e7896aa4]

To fetch a list of all unique regions in the database:

To fetch all the facilities for a specific region:[region name - e.g. KTH%20Campus]

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