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KTH Library's Climate pledge screen is nominated for Future Campus Challenge

Published Nov 24, 2021

We are very proud to be nominated for the innovation competition Future Campus Challenge. We participate with our "climate pledge screen" (KTH Climate pledge) and voting will take place online. We would be happy of you voted for us! ❤️

You can look at all entries in an exhibition in KTH Innovation's premises at Teknikringen 1. You can read more about all entries and vote on the Future Campus Challenge's page , no later than 10 December.

The winner receives SEK 50,000 to be able to develop their idea.

KTH Climate pledge, see how others have voted  or vote yourself .

Click on the image to read about our contribution in PDF format  (pdf 3.1 MB).

KTH Climate pledge

KTH Climate pledge screen

The main idea is to implement and expand a ”climate pledge screen”. This consists of a web-based interface where students and employees (and others) can interact with different angles of climate change. These interactions may be an opening to share opinions or suggestions for improvements, which in turn can lead to a more sustainable campus. The aim is also to increase the visibility of what is done and should be done in the area of sustainability at KTH. We can also inspire and remind people on campus to live more sustainably.

The idea

This idea consists of interactive screens on campus, indoors and outdoors, where you can make a climate pledge, or answer questions about the environment, vote on suggestions for improvements or share your own ideas. All of these contributions can then be seen in real time. You could also interact and vote via the web as the solution is web-based. The idea is originally from Pittsburgh museum, open source and free to build upon. The climate pledge screen can be a unifying force in the area of sustainability at KTH.

The next step

Add more features to the interface, such as:

  • choose a category when you make your pledge
  • workshops with students and researchers on what can be done with the interface
  • marketing and visibility
  • add visuals of the the various activities and their effect

Possible partners: Akademiska Hus, Sustainability Office, Students for sustainability and other student associations, Visualiseringsstudion, KTH Climate Action Centre etc.

This is a link to the global goals and KTH's four pillars: sustainability, gender equality, digitalisation and internationalization.