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Statista – new statistics database

Published May 15, 2023

Based on requests from students and researchers, KTH Library has started a subscription to Statista – an online statistics, market research and business intelligence platform.

Statista provides access to data from over 80,000 topics on more than 170 industries.

Statista includes:

  • Statistics for different industries that can be exported into Excel, PowerPoint or PDF formats.
  • Reports on topics such as Digital & Trends, Industries & Market, Companies & Products, Consumer & Brands, Politics & Society, Countries & Regions
  • Market insights, Consumer Insights, Company Insights and E-commerce Insights
  • Infographics on different topics

Access Statista

How to search in Statista

Let us know what you think of Statista –

Screenshot from the startpage of the database Statista with search box.