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Research at the Division of Surveying – Geodesy, Land Law and Real Estate Planning

Research in the field of surveying is conducted within and in combination with three subject areas: Geodesy, Land Law and Real Estate Planning.

In the area of Geodesy, we primarily conduct applied research in GNSS positioning, laser scanning and physical geodesy, often in collaboration with the Swedish Transport Administration, the National Land Survey and other actors in the Swedish geodesy business. The research focus is on the establishment of geodetic infrastructure for construction project areas as well as the development of accurate methods for positioning, for stability monitoring of various structures and for the collection of geographic data.

Research in Land Law and Real Estate Planning focus on land use and construction, which are surrounded by comprehensive legal rules governing rights and obligations for the state, municipalities, property owners, developers, tenants, etc. This legislation is the focus of the research in these two disciplines. Often, the research is based on a law and economic perspective, where the basic problem is how to improve the legislation. As a part of the research, international perspectives and comparisons are normally included.

Examples of research projects:

  • Data quality and data responsibility in land development
  • Geodetic aspects of BIM
  • Monitoring measurements of the Vasa ship
  • EU Erasmus projects
  • Geodetic core networks in the air – project-adapted geodetic infrastructure
  • Problems and challenges with three-dimensional properties and ownership apartments
  • Legal provisions for property formation, society's control of property division
  • Dialogue processes and citizen participation in municipal land use planning
  • Responsibility and financing of infrastructure for buildings
  • Alternative tenure forms for housing
  • Digitization of property formation, coordinate-based boundaries
  • Coordination between mineral and environmental legislation
Belongs to: Department of Real Estate and Construction Management
Last changed: Jan 09, 2023