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Quantum computing for engineering applications


A quantum computer.
A quantum computer. Photo: Pixabay

Welcome to a workshop targeting the Noisy intermediate-scale quantum (NISQ) technologies, methods and algorithms, with a great focus on the applications and practical aspects of this.

Time: Tue 2023-10-10 - Wed 2023-10-11

Location: KTH Campus, Digital Futures, Osquars Backe 5, floor 2

Language: English

Participating: Several

Besides presentations, the organisers will gather input from all the experts to develop a roadmap/agenda on the future of quantum computing. There is a list of around 10-15 confirmed external speakers, and the event will be open to other interested researchers at KTH.

Program and registration TBA.

If you have questions, please contact Ricardo Vinuesa, , or Stefano Markidis, .