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Zero Emission Campus Lab

A network for design and sustainable development, Green Leap, is managing the mission of KTH Energy Platform and KTH Sustainability. The aim is to use KTH as a test bed for initiatives that take us closer to the vision of a sustainable campus.

KTH is strong in many areas of sustainability in both research and education but almost none of this is visible on the campus. Thus the aim of the project is to reduce the actual carbon footprint of the campus and to make visible KTH's commitment to a sustainable future. This can be realized through new technologies, practical solutions and behavior changes.

The vision of the project is summarized in the following points:

  • Use academic expertize and students to help KTH campus become Zero Emission
  • Make the campus area accessible for full-scale experiments
  • Set high targets for new buildings
  • Behavioral change
  • Make KTH campus a symbol and arena for energy transition


Karin Öberg, Project Manager,, 070-251 81 88

To visit the project webpage click here