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International PhD workshop on renewable biotechnology

Published Dec 08, 2023

Master's students and PhD at KTH are invited to participate in an international workshop on renewable biotechnology.

Sustainable processes for using carbon dioxide and biomass as a resource for industry will greatly influence the circular bioeconomy. TU Graz, KTH and TU Darmstadt have a strong position in the field of renewable biotechnology and are now endeavouring to expand this field within European universities.

The PhD workshop on renewable biotechnology aims to start a regular joint training event for the PhD schools in the field of renewable biotechnology among the Unite! universities, of which KTH is one, an endeavour that is expected to contribute significantly to sustainable development.

The first workshop in the planned series will be organised by the Graduate School of Molecular Biosciences and Biotechnology on 7-9 February 2024 at TU Graz (Austria), where participants will have the opportunity to present their thesis topic or research to others and discuss new ideas and insights. Researchers, PhD and Master's students from all Unite! partner universities are invited to participate and submit their abstracts until 15 December 2023. This can be a short talk on your latest research, Master's thesis or experiences with new methods and ideas, as well as short online discussions on topics relevant to the workshop theme.

Read more about the workshop on the Unite! website .