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Unite! launches its catalogue of research infrastructures open to external users

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Photo: Crisp
Published Dec 07, 2023

This tool not only boosts Unite! collaboration but also contributes to the EU's vision of a unified research and innovation ecosystem.

In a collaborative effort, seven Unite! partner universities have curated a comprehensive catalogue of research infrastructures (RIs) now open to external users. This initiative stems from the initial creation of a non-exhaustive list aimed at facilitating the sharing of infrastructures among the partner institutions.

Informed by explicit criteria, the inclusion of Research Infrastructures (RIs) in the list was contingent upon their accessibility to external users and alignment with Unite!'s scientific focus areas, encompassing Industry 4.0, sustainable energy, artificial intelligence and entrepreneurship. Acknowledging the partners' excellence in the domain, "health engineering" was seamlessly integrated into these focus areas. Furthermore, the selected RIs must demonstrate a notable degree of uniqueness or scarcity. 

Read more about the catalogue on the Unite! website