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Programmes for external funding

With support from the International Relations group, KTH can seek funding for various forms of international activities, mainly within education. KTH leads and participates in a large number of international education and research projects made possible by funding from the European Commission, Sida, STINT and the Nordic Council of Ministers. Information about current calls and practical information on application is found under each programme.

Organisation Programme Objective
European Commission Capacity Building, Joint Master Degrees, Knowledge Alliances, Mobility of Individuals and Strategic Partnerships.
Sida Student projects and supervisor trips to defined development countries.
Sida Planning trips, teacher exchanges, student exchange and evaluation missions as part of cooperation with universities in developing countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America.
The Nordic Council of Ministers Joint Master's programmes within the Nordic universities and Nordic-Russian cooperation.The Nordforsk programme that finances Nordic collaboration in research and the programme Nordplus that supports mobility, joint programmes, projects and network activities.
STINT Multiple programmes

International projects in specifik regions, joint programmes and initiation grants.