Sustainability at KTH, 19 Aug

KTH Sustainabilty Office welcomes students to KTH. Take the opportunity to recycle what no longer gives you joy at Stockholm Vatten and Avfall's Pop-up Recycling Container and learn DIY bike service online August 19. You can also participate in webinars about Sustainability at KTH, how to get involved in student projects and meet and discuss climate issues in the Climate Collage workshops.

Time: Wed 2020-08-19

Lecturer: KTH Sustainabilty Office, Klimatstudenter, Stockholm Vatten och Avfall, Students for Sustainability

Location: Digital webinars


KTH Sustainability Office

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Win a Bike!

At KTH we are into biking and repurposing. We've upcycled two bikes and one of them could be yours.

Come back here in august to participate in the contest to win a bike!

Program (updated continously)

9:00 - 10:00 Webinar - Sustainabilty at KTH

It takes a village to solve global sustainbilty issues. KTH Sustainabilty Office works to integrate Sustainability across all levels of our campuses together with engaged students, staff, faculty, alumni, and partners. Learn more about how KTH works to ensure that sustainability is a critical part of operating procedures and is fully integrated into education, research, collaboration and our daily work and study environments. 

Speaker: Kristina von Oelreich, Sustainabilty Manager KTH

All day everyday

DIY Bike Repairs

We've asked our partners at Akademiska Hus and Future Promotions to show us how to do common bike repairs. 

Come back in August to see Do-It-Yourself Bike repairs online

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9:00 - 13:00 The Climate Collage Workshops

“The Climate Collage is a serious game about climate change, based on collective intelligence and creativity. Whether you’re completely new to the topic or quite savvy, you can play the Climate Collage. In 3 hours’ time, you will retrace the IPCC*’s reasoning and you may even have fun doing it! You’ll also have the opportunity to discuss the consequences, challenges and changes that you see are coming or should be coming.”

How to particpate:

10 sessions will be held during the day

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9:00 - 12:00 2 parellel sessions >> 14 spots

10:00 - 13:00 3 parellel sessions >> 21 spots

13:00 - 16:00 5 parellel sessions >> 35 spots

10:00 Student Travels in Europe: A climate-friendly approach

This presentation is a part of Klimatstudenterna-KTH project focusing on creating awareness and collaborations in the sub-domain of sustainable travels within the university level. It encapsulates the intent behind taking this initiative of aligning policies and decisions with the KTH Climate Framework which is further in line with the Paris Agreement. The presentation is complemented by providing real life examples of students opting for sustainable modes of transport within Europe and followed by an open discussion where attendees can ask questions to the concerned members regarding these initiatives. 

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