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Sustainability at KTH - Trash Talks, 20 aug

KTH Sustainabilty Office welcomes students to KTH. Take the opportunity to recycle what no longer gives you joy at Stockholm Vatten and Avfall's Pop-up ReUse Container August 20th. You can also participate in The Trash Talks webinars, learn about sharing economy on Campus and how to get involved in student projects and take the Climate Quizz. In collaboration with KTH Bibliotek, KTH Innovation, Akademiska Hus, Stockholm Vatten och Avfall, Avfall Sverige, Climate Fresk and KTH Students for Sustainability.

Time: Fri 2021-08-20 10.00 - 14.00

Location: KTH Entré and Zoom

Language: English

Lecturer: KTH Sustainability Office, KTH Bibliotek, Stockholm Waste and Water, Akademiska Hus and more

Stockholm Vatten och Avfall Återbrukskontainer
Stockholm Vatten och Avfall Återburkskontainer

POP-UP Reuse container at KTH Campus

August 20-22, Valhallavägen 79 beside OpenLab you can recycle items you no longer want to keep at Stockholm Vatten och Avfalls Pop-up Recycling container. The staff will help you sort out what can be reused and what should be left for recycling.

Pop-up recycling is available in places that are adapted for you who walk or cycle. You can borrow a box bike from us to transport your stuff and it's free.


• Broken things
• Batteries
• Detergent
• Old paint and spray cans
• Nail polish
• Smaller electronics (think the same size as a microwave oven)


• Clothes and shoes
• Smaller furniture
• Furnishings
• Kitchen equipment
• Sports equipment
• Electronics

Trash talks webinars 12:00-14:30

Link to zoom: 

12:00 Webinar Pop-up Reuse Container and Stockholm City's work for better waste management

Meet Karin Sundin from Stockholm Vatten och Avfall and project manager for Pop-up Reuse Container. Karin will tell us about how Stockholm is working to reduce and reuse waste.

***This presentation is cancelled due to illness*** 12:25 Avfall Sverige opportunities for students - stipendiums and projects

To encourage students at Swedish universities and colleges to complete studies and essay work in the areas of waste management and recycling, Avfall Sverige awards scholarships for completed essays or degree projects. Jon Nilsson- Derf will give you all the details. 

13:00 Resourceful living at Akademiska Hus student housing  

Meet property managers Anna Linné and Ulrika Kyllergård from Akademiska Hus who will talk about how Akademiska Hus works with environmental issues such as waste sorting in student housing on KTH Campus and in Sweden. You will also learn more about how you as a resident can contribute to a better environment. 

13:30 Smart Map KTH - KTH Students for Sustainability

Smart Map KTH is a website that makes visible the sharing economy's activities, locations and networks at KTH Campus. Smart Map wants to encourage community, new meetings and access over ownership. On the map you will find bicycle kitchens, exchange groups, free shops, car pools and various digital platforms. Learn more about Smart Map

14:00 Climate Fresk 

Climate Fresk  is a non-profit organisation, on a mission to raise awareness about climate change and train 1 MILLION people on the fundamentals of climate science, with a fun and collaborative workshop.

It's simple!

Faced with the climate emergency, we believe that everyone needs to be trained on the basics of climate science, in order to understand the situation, collectively accept the structural changes that need to be made, and start taking effective action. At this webinar you’ll learn how you can get involved

14:15 KTH Innovation Future Campus Challenge

Do you want to help shape our future campus? Now is your chance! At this webinar you will learn how you can participate in the . KTH Innovation and Akademiska Hus invite everyone at KTH to participate in Future Campus Challenge, a competition for new ideas and research that can create a better campus for us all after the pandemic.