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KTH Clean Air Network, Sept. 28

Welcome to a kick-off meeting to identify and unite the competences at KTH/SU/IVL that can contribute to air quality solutions.

KTH Clean Air Network

Kick-off meeting

When: September 28th 2017, 13:00-15:00
Where: Brinellvägen 8, plan 4, lokal bakfickan

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Aim: Identify and unite the competences at KTH/SU/IVL that can contribute to air quality solutions.

Long term objectives:
(i) share/join facilities and competences,
(ii) create a consortium for larger funding applications

Key Words: Air Quality, Clean air, Air cleaning research, Particle pollution, Chemical pollution, Pollutant Dispersion, Pollutant Removal, Urban Air Quality, The Urban Agenda, Indoor Air Quality.

Air quality is a major challenge for cities around the world. The challenge is growing with the general trend of urbanization and air pollution has reached critical levels in mega-cities. Aiming at a sustainable society with both fluid mobility and clean air, further understanding of the mechanisms of pollutant generation, as well as of transport/dispersion and interaction with humans is needed. Solutions should encompass innovation for emission mitigation, pollutant removal and smart planning. A multi-disciplinary effort is needed, with a combination of different competences, facilities and researcher interaction.

Objectives of the welcome and kick-off meeting

At the meeting, KTH would like to start building a network of researchers within the area of air pollution, both within and outside KTH. At a later stage, other potential stakeholders will be invited. Questions to be addressed at the first meetings are:

(i) what competences do we have?
(ii) what competences do we miss? Who should we get involved?
(ii) how can we join forces?
(iv) how can we interact efficiently with other societal actors (authorities, industry, funding agencies)?