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Whole Earth? photo exhibition, 13 okt - 23 nov

KTH Environmental Group, KTH Department of Building & Environment are proud to present WHOLE EARTH? photo exhibition.

This is more then just a photo exhibition - WHOLE EARTH? offers new ways of thinking. And it gets personal by asking students and universities what they can do to help lead society toward a more sustainable future.

Aligning human systems and natural systems

Background: Green mountains next to desert car graveyard


WHOLE EARTH? exhibition, adresses possible solutions to global environmental issues in the areas of climate, energy, fresh water, oceans and agriculture, but also in areas such as human rights and economic rule-making. 

The exhibition is open for visitors during open hours at KTH Entré between 13 october to 23 november Monday - Friday 08.00-16.30. 

Seminar Series

Engineers without Borders and Whole Earth?

Welcome to a seminar series for students

 ''No time to waste – climate change and the challenges for engineers and and scientists'' with Staffan Laestadius

Date:4 november , kl12:15
Place: KTH Entréhuset

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"Earth imagery and planetary imagination: Perspectives on Whole Earth" with Nina Wormbs

How do we understand globalisation and climate change? Both are to some extent invisible, hard to see with out own eyes. Still, images are important to convey messages of change. Nina Wormbs will talk about the role of images in creating the idea of a Whole Earth and how invisible climate change can become visible.

Date:6 november
Place: KTH Entréhuset

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"Edens, Arks and Spaceships: Visions of Whole Earth since the Environmental Revolution” with Sabine Höhler

​The idea of Earth as a unique and fragile container of life came of age in an era shaped by space travel, the Cold War and the rising environmental movement. But how inclusive were expressions of Earth as paradisiacal garden, ark and spaceship in science and fiction? This talk will explore how Whole Earth metaphors and blueprints informed conservationist as well as technocratic solutions for planetary sustainability.

Date: 10 november, kl 12:15
Place: KTH Entréhuset

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Stormvarning sessions @ KTH Entré, Drottning kristinas väg 4, 19/11 kl 17.00-19.00

Open concert and seminar

Stormvarning för Whole Earth?

Date: 19 November, 17:00-19:00
Place: KTH Entréhuset
Language: Swedish


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Get involved

Join KTH's Engineers Without Borders group!

Engineers Without Borders work by raising engineer's awareness of sustainability issues  and using our skills to help make the world a little better. Contact  for more information