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Academic ceremonies at KTH

A number of academic ceremonies are arranged by KTH each year. They are held to celebrate Academic achievements such as the conferment of new doctors, inaguration of new professors as well as graduation ceremony for masters, masters of engineering and architects. Academic prizes and awards are given out during the ceremonies. At KTH, the conferment ceremony is held in November, the Inaguration of new professors in March or April and the Diploma ceremonies are held in May and December.

Inauguration of new professors

To become a professor is to reach the highest academic title at a university. The newly appointed professors are installed in the office at the Inaguration ceremony that takes place once a year at KTH. During the Inaguration, KTH's most prestigious prizes and awards are given out and speeches are held by KTH:s President. 

Inauguration of new professors at KTH

Upcoming ceremonies:

Inaguration of new Professors 12 April 2024

Conferment of new doctors 

The Conferment of doctoral degrees is the university’s largest ceremonial occasion. The ceremony is primarily intended for those who have recently completed their postgraduate studies and taken their doctoral degree. The ceremony has existed since 1927 at KTH but has developed as a tradition within the academia over the course of centuries.

The ceremony takes place in the Stockholm City hall, third Friday in November every year. The ceremony is a splendid tradition mixed with musical entertainment by the KTH academic orchestra consisting of teachers and students conducted by director musices Mats Janhagen. The ceremony is followed by a banquet and ball room dancing.

Conferment ceremony for PhD:s at KTH

Upcoming ceremonies:

Conferment ceremony 15 November 2024

Graduation ceremony

The graduation for Masters, masters of engineering and architects takes place in the City Hall of Stockholm in May and December each year. The president of KTH present the diplomas to each graduate, and the ceremony in a solemn manner mixed with musical entertainment by the KTH academic orchestra conducted by director musices Mats Janhagen and the wonderful chorus of the student choir. 

Read more and sign up for the graduation ceremony (KTH's student web)

Upcoming ceremonies:

  • 22 and 23 May 2024
  • 17 and 18 December 2024


For questions regarding the academic ceremonies please contact master of ceremonies Hanna Sundelin by e-mail: