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Events at KTH

KTH organizes a large number of events and popular science lectures every year that are held digitally, physically or in a hybrid format.

Stockholm Culture Night

Stockholm Culture Night  is a regular event organised by the City of Stockholm in collaboration with Stockholm's cultural community. The cultural scene of the city opens its doors to the public for a magical evening – with free admission for everyone. KTH participated in 2023 and will participate in 2024 by, among other things, opening the doors to The Reactor Hall .

The Nobel Week

The Nobel Prize Museum organises two events annually every year. Nobel calling  which takes place in October and Nobel Week Lights  that takes place in December. KTH participates with various activities at both events including lab tours, where participants have the opportunity to visit KTH's labs.

During Nobel Week Lights in 2024, Navet  will participate with an artwork called: CIRCADIAN WAVES: Resonances.

Scientific Conferences

Scientific conferences at KTH serve as a purpose to showcase research and bringing together people with the same interests. Focused on Digital transformation Digital Futures  as an example regularly organises seminars, workshops and courses. They also organise the annual conference Digitalize in Stockholm .

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Last changed: Dec 06, 2023