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Albano Talks

20 - 23 September Albano - Stockholm's new campus area is inaugurated

Take part in short, interesting presentations about exciting, current research and various activities on the university campus.

Time: Fri 2023-09-22 12.00 - 13.00

Location: Albanovägen 18, våning 2, vid sittgradängerna mellan hus 2 och 4

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Sustainable fashion is in fashion
Malin Viola Wennberg, PhD student, Department of Business Administration, Stockholm University

Fur and pixels: Meet Ludde, the therapy dog, and hear about our phobia treatment in virtual reality
Per Carlbring, professor, Department of Psychology, Stockholm University

How can mathematics and statistics teach one about the spread of infection?
Tom Britton, professor, Department of Mathematics, Stockholm University

Living with a disability in Sweden and India: Voices and Representations through Arts and Crafts
Helén Knutes Nyqvist, senior lecturer and Khaleda Gani Dutt, senior lecturer, Department of Special Education, Stockholm University

The first stars and galaxies
Garrelt Mellema, professor, Department of Astronomy, Stockholm University

How are biopharmaceuticals produced?
Veronique Chotteau, Associate Professor, Department of Industrial Biotechnology, KTH

Moderator: Stefan Nyman, Stockholms universitet

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