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KTH Innovation Demo Day

Get to know the 12 latest startups founded by people from KTH as they graduate after one year in the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program.

Time: Thu 2021-03-18 12.00 - 13.30

Location: Zoom


Lisa Bäckman

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The teams have followed their passions, focusing on issues ranging from sustainable travel to dull online events and quantum-mechanic material design. Join us online to celebrate their achievements, as they get ready to take their next steps.

Join us live from KTH Innovation, hear the teams pitch, and mingle with the founders.

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See them on Demo Day:

Andning Med
Andning Med helps Asthma & COPD patients to inhale medicine properly by giving instant feedback on correct use to improve control of their disease.

Cribly wants to create greater mobility in the rental market by simplifying the swap process through an uncomplicated and user-friendly platform. On their platform users can swap rental leases in a simple and quick way.

Recruitment in medicare needs to become more efficient and transparent. With Cruitmed, medical staff can compare employers in a quick and efficient way and automate their job hunting.

Our autonomous drones offer an innovative solution to protecting crops. By helping preventing wild animals from entering your property, FLOX can help you reduce damage costs.

Grasp is an automation platform for management consultants and investment managers. The platform uses Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to automate information gathering and data analysis.

GoPlanet’s app measures the sustainability footprint of individuals and companies and provides fun and inspirational challenges to shape a sustainable travel industry.

mildra removes the hurdle for e-commerce companies to offer climate compensation by providing all-in-one climate compensation as a service platform.

QM4Mat offers quantum mechanical simulation services for property-driven materials design to industrial companies.

Rental Sense
Rental Sense distributes and administers insurance products for the commercial rental market. Creating flexible and sustainable leasing terms without compromising the landlord's incentive for long and stable cash flows.

Create, share and sell your favorite geographical routes using Google Maps.

Univid is an easy-to-use platform for hosting live experiences with unmatched interaction. Our solution makes interaction in larger events and groups over 20 people engaging and fun with gamification. Engage your audience with Univid.

A streaming service for gaming using a 5G connection to stream data from your own stationary devices to your mobile.

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