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Questions and answers

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive. If you have any questions, please call or email us at the Development Office or KTH Opportunities Fund.

Why does KTH need more external private funding?

KTH’s education and research programmes are funded partly by higher education grants and partly through external financing from public and the private sector. With a higher portion of independent financing from private individuals, companies and foundations KTH can sharpen its focus on long-term, flexible research with the aim of coming up with bold and future-oriented answers to difficult questions.

External private funding is a complement to our regular grants and while allowing our researchers greater flexibility it also allows for a longer research horizon in our projects.

External private financing provides:

  • Greater freedom when selecting a strategy of important fields of research
  • The possibility of a more long-term perspective and establishing long-term relationships
  • A more progressive approach to research
  • The possibility of establishing larger interdisciplinary initiatives that would otherwise be difficult to attract financing for
  • Greater flexibility
  • Intensified research in specific fields that can lead to faster results

Does research carried out in Sweden need more money than what it receives through government grants?

Government grants in Sweden account for approximately half of KTH’s current annual revenue. One quarter comes from grants that we compete for from research institutes and the EU. The remaining funds derive from partnerships with companies and organisations, as well as from private foundations and other financers. State funding often comes with conditions attached, one being other funding, or in a partnership that limits the amount of freedom we have in a research project. For KTH to remain a leading international university we need to be able to carry out research in bold initiatives with a longer time span. This is not possible without additional financing.

What does the KTH advisory committee for fundraising do?

The KTH advisory committee for fundraising provides us with an external advisory group that contributes towards building relationships with potential financers.

The group consists of people from backgrounds in the public and private sectors and each has a strong network of contacts and can act as ambassadors for KTH.

Why should I give to KTH?

As the largest technical university in the Nordic region and being strategically located in close proximity to many companies, as well as Karolinska Institutet and Stockholm University, KTH plays a major role not just for the Stockholm region, but for all Swedish companies that need engineers.

KTH has the ambition and the capacity to carry out pioneering and bold research that can provide answers to some of humanity’s greatest challenges.

Where does the money go?

The foundation for achieving new breakthroughs is brilliant researchers, professors and Ph.D. students and this is where much of the funding is allocated. Resources are also required to build new laboratories, research centres and the purchasing of equipment. Some of the money is also allocated to grants for talented students who can enrol at KTH and take a master’s degree.

As a sponsor you choose where you would like your donation to go. No matter which field or area you donate to at KTH, we will put it to the best possible use.

I would like to support a specific field of research, or a project that is close to my heart. How do I do this?

Please contact our Development Office and we can discuss your wishes

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If you live in the US you can donate in a tax efficient way through American Friends of KTH.

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How do I know that my gift is being put to good use?

The KTH vision is to build a brighter tomorrow. Behind these fine words lies the reality that KTH’s ground breaking research in, for example, medical diagnostics, renewable energy and virtual industrial production is critical to the time we live in, for future generations, as well as for Sweden’s well-being and competiveness.

KTH has a long tradition of interacting and partnering with the public and private sectors. For almost 200 years this fruitful collaboration has contributed to the growth and development of modern Sweden. Technical solutions are vital to the growth of humankind and society.

KTH has a clear and structured reporting system that provides you with concise information that can be tailored to your needs.