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Support KTH's research on COVID-19

Researchers at KTH have initiated the development of an effective so-called serological method to ensure which individuals who have already been tested positive to COVID-19. Good tests of this type could provide a more reliable basis for deciding who could return to work without passing on the infection, which is of particular importance for people working in health or elderly care sector. Read more

One of our most important roles at KTH is to continuously push forward the boundaries of society and technology. Whether it be new research projects, developing our student environment or providing our students and researchers with new opportunities - with your support and commitment we really can make a difference.

We made a difference

Through generous and visionary support from companies, organisations and individuals, we have made significant accomplishments during the past five years. 


Do you want to support the research on covid-19? contact Philip von Segebaden, Director, Development office at .

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